Kelsey + Ryan // Wauwatosa Mt. Mary Engagement

They had me at High School Sweethearts. Not lying. I have a soft spot for anyone who has been together since High School (because me and my man did the same thing). AND these two went to that same school as well. They are long time friends with my husband’s family so it was nice to get to meet them finally. They are pretty laid back – I know this because my dog ate their retainer check and I was totally worried and embarrassed about it and they just totally laughed it off and being dog owners themselves totally understood. So thanks for making me feel better guys! One of the things they said in their consultation was something to the effect of, “We’ve been together for so long that this wedding is really just going to be one big party because it’s FINALLY happening… everyone has waited a long time to celebrate this” and to me, that sounds pretty fun. I cannot wait to be a part of it.

Their engagement session was so amazing. We seemed to time it perfectly for the flowers to bloom, but yet again I had cursed the session with chilling weather (I swear I don’t know why all my engagement sessions are cold, even if the day before it is warm!). Mt. Mary has some beautiful grounds with a great view of the sunset but it was extra special because Kelsey went there for school. These two were so relaxed in front of the camera, and that doesn’t really come too easy – must be their laid back personalities again shining through! Hurry up August, we have to party with these people!