Ellen + Joe // Milwaukee Lakefront Engagement Session

I consider myself very lucky to be able to photograph newly engaged couples. There's just something about being able to see them holding each other and knowing that's exactly how they will be 100 years down the road. When a couple proclaims off the bat they don't like PDA like these two announced, it makes the cuddles I get to see even more special -- like they are letting me into a very sacred place in their relationship. 

These two had no reason to be shy though; I've known them for a long time. Ellen was my sisters roommate, and when I visited my sister in college for the first time she made it a trip worth remembering! She quickly became a constant in my life as I joined her and my sister at Drake a year later.

Ellen and Joe are a power couple at their core. Intelligent, kind and selfless people, and two people who are always up for a good time and a laugh. I'm excited to see what these two will do in their future and I cannot wait for their wedding this fall. It is going to be beautiful much like them (and their outfits... even those are perfect)!