Courtney + Kyle // Lapham Peak Proposal

If I can't stop staring at the photos reliving this moment, I can imagine what Courtney (my gorgeous sister) and her fiancé Kyle (yay!) are going through! I felt so lucky to be in the know throughout Kyle's entire planning process and I love that he trusted me to be a part of such an intimate time.

A couple months back, I started bugging Kyle about his plans with Courtney (like any good protective baby sis would do) and he informed me he had ideas. I started getting texts about some ring questions. And hey, I'm happy to look at rings any day -- but I only got to see one...the one. This man was so good that he didn't need my help. I guess he just wanted some approval? Well, he got it. So then the real planning had begun. When, where, how... and that's when this stealth mission started. We realized we had been exchanging way too many texts with too many photos and dates; too easily accessible by the future bride to be SO thank goodness for the disappearing acts of snapchat, our mission would continue over the battery draining app for a few more months. Secret meetings would take place on Monday's while I worked from home until we had the perfect plan...

Earlier in the week that they had gotten engaged, Kyle so willingly helped my husband and myself with some yard work in exchange for the photos I would be taking that weekend. BUT Courtney had other plans -- I was instructed by her to pay him back in beer Friday night. Well, how could I say no? Tell her we had other arrangements? Uh, no. So Friday night, the night before P-Day (is it weird to call it that? Yes), Dean and I had them over for some drinks, pretending to question what plans they had for the weekend even though I knew everything! It was great, she didn't catch on -- not even when I told her she desperately needed to wash her hair that night (we are brutally honest with each other, it's love and she didn't question it).

I arrived pretty early to Lapham on Saturday morning and spent a lot of time just enjoying the peace and quiet. I did get a few visitors while on watch duty and I made them pose for me so I could test the light. I think people secretly loved it and wanted to stick around to watch. However, Courtney had other plans and I got a few snaps in the morning saying how much she was dawdling! She never dawdles... The day went "99% to plan" as Kyle mentioned later on P-Day. I did sub par job at disguising myself and she caught a glimpse of me on top of the Lapham Peak tower before she was suppose to, but before she could register what was going on, Kyle was already doing his thing. Don't ask me what he said, I don't know and frankly I wasn't trying to listen. But it must have been sweet because the look on Courtney's face of complete and utter desire and admiration made me burst into tears (into my camera) as well. 

It was perfect, I have not seen her smile, laugh, cry, giggle, jump for joy like that in a long time (probably since they met a year ago) and because of that, I am forever grateful for you Kyle. You are awesome for my sister and I couldn't be happier for the two of you. Here is to many years of happiness, many hummus filled nights (wink), and many champagne bottles popped. Love you both.