Carly + Peter // Wedding // Wauwatosa Church Ceremony & Crowne Plaza Reception

I firmly believe every wedding has room for a few succulents. I am a sucker for them and when I met with this couple and they told me they would have a bunch I kind of couldn't contain my excitement. I had succulents at my own wedding -- maybe it's just a nostalgia thing now? Anyways, take away the succulents and this still would be one amazing wedding. Carly and Peter are both insanely smart (it took them like half hour just to explain to me what they even did for a career because it's so complex, to me at least) and one of the most relaxed couples as well. 

High School Sweethearts and long-distance for a while (a lot of my couples seem to follow this pattern... including me and my husband!) this wedding was a party just waiting to be had! After their beautiful ceremony, their fun loving group of friends kept the party bus rocking while they stopped at Saz's for some Chive Fries because who doesn't need some fries right after they get married?!

Carly and Peter, you two were a blast to work with! Excited to keep running into you at the vet (It's happened twice since) or maybe somewhere a bit more joyful. Either way, happy for you and I was so glad to be a part of your day!

Church: Blessed Sacrament // Reception Venue: Crowne Plaza Wauwatosa // Florist: The Flower Lady // Succulents: Mountain Crest Gardens // Dress Salon: Stone Manor Bridal // Alterations: Carla Eble // Hair & Makeup: Vici Capilli // Cake: Frankie Fleury

WEDDINGHaley Zanskas