Meet Haley

Hi! I'm Haley. Born in Florida, raised in Wisconsin, educated in Iowa and now living back in Milwaukee (After the flat farm lands of Iowa I longed for the water again; moving back to Milwaukee was inevitable). I grew up wanting to be a "house drawer" but once it was time to start looking at architecture schools, I couldn't find one I loved that would give me a great education AND the smaller social scene I wanted that wasn't super far from home. Insert Drake University. While I was still dreaming of becoming an architect, I started taking graphic design classes. Boom. Career changed. Never really looked back. I find my design work resembles architecture; structured and carefully designed. And while exploring my love for design, a new romance began with photography. Much like my design, I love simple, clean, and natural photography with an emphasis on the most important subject; the people!

Currently, I reside just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband (Dean), our son (Fischer), and our Rhodesian Ridgeback (Dune). Even though I am now a Zanskas, I am still the Haley behind Haley King Co. I enjoy spending my free time sailing in the summer, skiing in winter, and finishing my most recent craft project (there is no season for this, every day is craft day). 


Frequently Asked Questions

When did you begin photography?

I picked up my first DSLR camera in 2010 and began photographing personal travels, family functions and close friend's photos. I have been photographing weddings for almost four years. 


what equipment do you use?

I use Canon bodies, and a mix of lenses and flash brands. I edit photos on a calibrated iMac to ensure color quality is perfect.


Where are you located?

I am located just outside of Milwaukee, WI in a smaller city called Wauwatosa. I photograph weddings and portrait sessions in the general Southeast Wisconsin region. I work with small business, couples and events around the United States to complete their branding and stationary projects.


Do you edit all the photos?

Yes, I don't leave a single photo untouched or unseen. I do not bulk edit which allows me to make sure every photo in your gallery is perfect.


Who has the copyright?

As the artist, I will hold all copyrights to the photos however with your package you will receive printing release to print and use the photos for non-commercial use. For branding projects, you will receive the original vector files of your logos once final payment has been made.


Can I share my pictures on social media?

Absolutely. I actually promote this! I LOVE seeing clients share photos, just remember it is important to tag Haley King Co. in the image as well as a visible comment or post. I also ask that you do not apply any social media filters or crop excessively the images you are sharing. I spend a lot of time on each image, and when filters are applied it becomes a large misrepresentation of the work I have put into the session.